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On the Dong Chinese media page, you can find lots of videos to watch and audio to listen to in Chinese. Now you can add your own videos and audio to study.

Once you go to the media page, tap the My media section.

My media

There, you can choose any YouTube video or upload any audio file and add a transcript to read along with it.

My media add

Once you’ve done that, you can see what percentage of the text you can understand, and look up words that you don’t know.

My media read

I have been taking online Chinese classes from GoEast Mandarin and have been using this feature myself to study the texts that my teacher sends me.

Of course, if you don’t have anything to upload yourself, you can still watch media with transcripts that Dong Chinese has already gathered:

Chinese Buddy Chinese Buddy Fun, simple, catchy songs for learning Chinese
Fragrant Mandarin Fragrant Mandarin Real Chinese immersion from the streets of Yangshuo, China
GoEast Mandarin Beyond Class GoEast Mandarin Beyond Class Short videos with entertaining skits about informal words and phrases that you won’t enounter in typical classrooms and textbooks
Cool Panda Cool Panda Short videos with the Chinese youth’s sense of humor
Slow Chinese 慢速中文 Slow Chinese Podcast spoken at a slow speed, made by Chinese university students
University of Iowa University of Iowa Texts used in the University of Iowa Chinese cirriculum
小高姐 Cooking Cooking with 小高姐 Videos in Chinese explaining how to cook delicious food in detail
Popular songs Popular songs Songs taken from a list of the 1000 top hits in China
Songs for children Songs for children Songs that were written for Chinese children
快乐汉语 Happy Chinese 快乐汉语 Happy Chinese TV show produced by CCTV created to help people learning to speak Chinese
家有儿女 Home with Kids 家有儿女 Home with Kids TV sitcom about an unconventional family living in Beijing

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