1. What are gift subscriptions?
    Gift subscriptions are a way for you to give the gift of learning Chinese with Dong Chinese. Gift subscriptions are available for different time plans. Gift purchasers can choose their own plan. Give a gift subscription now.

  2. How to purchase a gift subscription It’s simple, select the subscription length, from 1 month to 2 years. The total amount due will be calculated automatically. After clicking next, fill in the email address where the gift subscription will be sent. It can be the email of the purchaser or the person who will be getting the gift subscription. You can also select personalized messages for the lucky person who will get the gift. After payment, the email address will be sent to the email address you provided. The email will contain a special redemption code and the message you wrote.

  3. Can I purchase a gift subscription for someone who is already a subscriber? Yes. However, they can only use the redemption code after their subscriptions ends.

  4. What are the terms of sale of gift subscription? Do redemption codes expire? The full purchase price for gift subscriptions will be charged at the time of purchase. Gift subscriptions are one-time purchases. We use Stripe so all major credit and debit cards are supported.
    Redemption codes for gift subscriptions do not expire.

  5. I received a gift subscription, what do I get? Congratulations! Activating the subscription gives you unlimited access to Dong Chinese.

  6. What is a gift redemption code? A redemption code is a special code that allows us to recognize you as the recipient of a gift subscription. You must use this code in order to activate the gift subscription.

If you have any questions or problems related to gift subscriptions, please contact us at info@dong-chinese.com.

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