Dong Chinese Public Roadmap on Trello
Being accountable to and open with all our users is very important to us. To achieve that in the most transparent way, we have created a central spot to keep track of our journey.

The Dong Chinese public roadmap is a living project, tracking the ideas for future features based on our product vision, users’ needs, and our business goals.

As a whole, the roadmap reflects our vision to make Dong Chinese a better product.

We are very excited to open our roadmap for everyone to enjoy, to vote on their favorite features, or just to tell us that we got it all wrong.

You can get personally involved.

The roadmap is a Trello board with voting and commenting enabled. If you have a Trello account, you can vote and comment on your favorite features that you want to see developed.

Even if we are already working on a feature, your votes and feedback are very valuable, so feel free to let us know which features you think we should prioritize the most.

What you can find there?

Just shipped / Rolling out

Just shipped list

These are features that we recently shipped or are rolling out in the coming days. We will try to create a blog post explaining the details of every new feature that we roll out, and link to it in the corresponding card in the roadmap.

Active development / Testing

Active development list

These features are currently being developed and will be rolled out soon.

Near term: in a few months

Near term list

Near term features are up next in the development and you should expect them in a couple of months if there are no delays.

Medium term: 3-6 months

Medium term list

These features either take a little bit longer to develop or are not currently prioritized. If you are a Trello user, you can vote on them and let us know which features you are most interested in seeing.

Long term: 6+ months

Long term list

Expect long term features to take more than 6 months. Here you will find major expected features that we hope to implement one day.

Are these exact estimates?

Of course, it is difficult to predict the future exactly. We might not ship everything in each section in the precise time manner given. Sometimes it might be sooner (which is the better scenario), and sometimes features might get delayed. If anything changes you will be first to know.

Requesting new features

If you want to suggest new features, or if you have anything else that you would like to tell us, please email us at:

Meanwhile, get to know our roadmap and let us what you think!

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